Maya Oakley

Nutrition is more than simply the food we eat but covers nourishment in all areas of our lives, and I am passionate about nourishing mind body and spirit and working together with my clients to provide them the tools they need to support a state of optimal health and wellbeing.

Many of us have been led to believe that we need to accept the chronic conditions of the modern world, or have been offered limited solutions for common complaints such as poor digestion, headaches, anxiety, low moods, constant fatigue, allergies and hormonal imbalances. Often we've felt like this for so long we forget what it is to feel well, or we feel as though we have tried everything.

The difference with nutritional therapy is that I have the time to sit and listen to your story, and together formulate solutions that work for you as person not just a condition.

I practice in two London locations: Stoke Newington and Exmouth Market, you can check availability online or please don't hesitate to email me if you have any questions.


I studied Naturopathic Nutrition at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London for 3 years, prior to which I worked as a freelance fashion stylist and am currently studying for a BSc in Herbal Medicine at the University of Westminster.