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My Services- lets work together to feel better.


Comprehensive Health and Lifestyle Assessment 

Comprehensive health and lifestyle assessment to finally resolve chronic conditions or for those wishing to optimise health and prevent future illness. 

The initial session is a chance for me gather as much information as possible and identify the mosaic of factors that lead you to your current state of health, and what may be keeping you from feeling how you'd like to feel.

During the session we'll discuss your primary concerns, I’ll take a full medical history, review any existing tests you may have, and go though each body system to get a comprehensive sense of where you most need support.

We’ll discuss food and lifestyle and set aims together, I will also ask you to complete a 4 day food diary before the session.

The session will take up to 1 hour.

Within 5 working days of your session you will receive:
Personalised food, supplement, herbal medicine and lifestyle plan
10% dietary supplements discount
Guidance on testing options.

The cost is £160* (excluding herbal medicine, additional tests and supplements)

*Concession pricing may be available on request.

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Suitable for all initial sessions, follow ups take 30 minutes and are usually scheduled 2-4 weeks after the initial appointment. 

Most clients require 2-3 follow up sessions but this is dependant on your needs and can be discussed as we progress with your plan.

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