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Tonic herbs to enhance joy and peace during times of stress.


Organic herbs- Passionflower, Damiana, Oats, Rose extracted in alcohol and water, hand blended in small batches. 


Passionflower- traditionally used to relieve anxiety, tension and irritability. 

Damiana- nervous system tonic traditionally used for anxiety and depression.

Oats- nervous system tonic traditionally used to relive fatigue, axiety and mild depression.

Rose- a heart tonic used to lift the spirits.


Nervous system support to relieve tension, support adrenal function and lift mood.



JOY Drops

  • 20-40 drops in a little water as needed up to six times a day.

    Can also be added to your favourite drink, is a great additition to a fruit based cocktail or mocktail. 

    Food supplement. Seek medical advice if pregnant/breast feeding or taking medication. Keep away from children.

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